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Learn how to make these simple, neutral fabric acorns – no sewing required.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for ‘big’ projects, like making my own rug, repainting a side table, or turning a sheet into a ruffled throw blanket.

Other times, I just want something to do while curled up on the couch watching terrible TV shows.

This weekend I was definitely in the latter camp.

So on Saturday afternoon I grabbed my glue gun, donned my ugliest pair of leggings (they may have holes so big I’d be done for public indecency but boy are they comfortable), flopped down on the couch, and made these little fabric acorns.

I got the idea for these acorns after I found a bunch of styrofoam eggs while cleaning out my craft supplies in preparation for our move at the end of the year. I originally bought the eggs for Easter crafts, but there were lots in the bag so I had quite a few leftover. Rather than toss them, I went on Pinterest looking for ways to repurpose them when I came across these DIY acorns by Giustina @ Domestically Blissful (who, funnily enough, also found leftover eggs while cleaning out her craft supplies in preparation for a move).

I loved her general idea, but wanted to make a few changes so that the acorns matched the neutral look I’m kinda going for. Instead of painting the eggs, I decided to cover them in white fabric using a hot glue gun (no sewing, yay). I also wanted a more textured ‘cap’ for my acorns, so I braided the jute twine before sticking it to the egg/acorn.

I think they’re kind of cute, and they were lots of fun to make, so I thought I’d share how I did it with you amazing people!

DIY no-sew fabric scrap acorns

Supplies list:

  • Foam eggs.
    • You can get these from most craft stores as well as on Amazon. My eggs had a circumference of approximately 5″ and a diameter of approximately 2″.
  • Fabric scraps, cut into rough squares.
    • I used drop cloth scrap. It’s better to choose slightly thicker fabric, as hot glue can seep through thin fabric and make it all weird and stiff.
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Jute twine.
  • A stick, broken into small bits.
  • Scissors.


Adding the fabric:

To begin, I put a little bit of hot glue on the narrow end of the egg:

Picture of a woman's hands using a hot glue gun to apply glue to a foam egg

Then pressed it into the middle of the fabric scrap, holding it for a few seconds until the glue set.

Picture of a hand pressing the foam egg into the fabric for the no-sew acorn

Next I added more glue to the sides of the egg and began folding the fabric up and around the egg. I didn’t really follow any particular method, I just kept adding glue until the fabric was nice and secure.

Picture of hands using a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the acorn without sewing

Once the fabric was glued to the egg, I trimmed off the excess using fabric scissors. I did try just leaving it on at first, but found that it made it really hard to add the ‘cap’ to the acorn later on.

Picture of hands using fabric scissors to remove the excess fabric from the DIY acorns

Creating the acorn ‘cap’

Next I braided three strands of jute twine. I did take a picture of this step but it turned out super blurry because I’m terrible at blogging. Basically, I just used a standard braid, like the one you would if you were braiding hair.

This step was honestly the longest part of the whole project, so if you’re short on time you can just skip it and add the jute twine to the acorn without braiding it. You could also use a bit of jute ribbon, which has a bit more texture than unbraided twine. I did braids for half of my acorns then used some scrap jute ribbon I had laying around on the rest, as braiding the twine got seriously old after a while.

Once my braid was finished, I used my glue gun to glue the braid to the acorn. I applied a little dot of glue to secure the braid, then started wrapping it around the egg, applying more glue as I went.

Picture of a woman using a glue gun to attach jute twine to the fabric acorn to create the acorn cap without sewing
Sorry, this picture is also blurry. You hopefully get the idea.

Eventually I had something that looked like this:

Top down view of the DIY acorn showing the jute twine attached to the foam egg. At the very top a small hole remains to stick the acorn's 'stem' into.

I then stuck a little bit of a broken twig into the top of the foam. I didn’t bother gluing it as I found the foam kept it in place, but you can always add hot glue to the bottom of the stick if you’re worried.

Picture of a piece of a twig being pushed into the top of the no-sew acorn

With the stick in place, I wrapped the rest of the twine around the top to form the acorn “cap”, tucking and gluing the final bit of twine near the stick.

Top down view showing the top of the acorn cap. The jute twine has been glued in such a way that it covers where the stem has been inserted, creating a seamless cap.

I then repeated the process a few times to make a total of eight fabric acorns.

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