10 Insanely Clever Crafts You Can Make with Glass Gems

There are many craft projects you can make with glass gems for the home, garden, or fashion accessories. Glass gems can be found at craft supply stores, dollar stores, eBay, or Amazon in a variety of sizes and colors. You can use them as the basis of your mosaic project or as accents for a whimsical touch.

Here’s a list of easy projects you can make with glass gems. Have fun!

1. Dresser Mirror

Dresser Mirror

Make a pretty mirror with a plastic tray and glass gems from the dollar store! (Tutorial: Create & Babble)

2. Alphabet Gems

Alphabet Gems

Perfect for teaching letters, simple spelling and just playing. (Tutorial: Housing a Forest)

3. Book Page Bracelet

book page bracelet

Make a personal piece of jewelry using quotes from your favorite book and glass gems. (Tutorial: Happy Hour Projects)

4. Glass Gem Magnets

Glass Gem Magnets

They make great fridge decor or DIY gifts. (Tutorial: Family Focus blog)

5. Glass Gem Tiled Table

Glass Gem Tiled Table

Use dollar store glass gems to make a beautiful table with a beachy glass top! (Tutorial: Madigan Made)

6. Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers

Welcome the shy spring sun with a cool suncatcher hanging on your window. (Tutorial: Suzys Sitcom)

7. Garden Treasure Jars

Garden Treasure Jars

This is a simple, easy craft for kids and adults. (Tutorial: Empress of Dirt)

8. Flamingo In Purple Gems

Flamingo In Purple Gems

What a great way to add some fun and whimsy to the garden. (Tutorial: Purple Hueas and Me)

9. Scatter Candle

Scatter Candle

Use hot glue to glue the gems to the glass container and you have one of the most beautiful decorations for your home. (Tutorial: Creatively Sam’s)

10. Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

These pendant lights can be used for decorations in kitchens, bathrooms or any room you prefer to make more stylish and lively. (Tutorial: I Love to Create)