100+ Homebrewing Christmas Gift Ideas For 2018 – (something For Every Homebrewer)

  • by Megan Wilson
  • Jan 10,2019

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the homebrewer in your life. Or maybe you are trying to think of things to add to your own wish list?

Either way, it’s always a good time to give a homebrewer (or yourself) a gift.




Here's a homebrewing gift buying guide filled with gift ideas for brewers of all experience levels. Top-shelf to bottom-dollar, there's something for every brewer.
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Of course, if you are on a tight budget, or looking for some stocking stuffers, check out my list of must-have homebrewing accessories for under $20!

Who is this Guide For?

Well, just about anybody interested in buying or receiving a homebrewing-related gift!

I know it can be hard to pick a gift for a homebrewer, and it can even be tricky for the brewer who “has it all” to think of something to ask for!

Gift Givers

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Gift Getters

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Now, let’s get into some great homebrew gift ideas…

Homebrewing Starter Kits

It can be hard to know what to buy for someone just getting into the hobby. Sometimes they don’t even know themselves! Or maybe you know somebody who wants to get into the hobby for the first time.

Here are a couple of ideas for these folks.

I have written full reviews of two different cost effective starter kits that you may want to check out.

The first is for a brewer who is likely to keep on brewing and needs a starter kit that will grow with them as they learn and improve.

Check out the full review here if you want to learn more.

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Northern Brewer Brew. Share. Enjoy. HomeBrewing Starter Set With Block Party Amber Beer Brewing Recipe Kit And Stainless Steel Brew Kettle – Equipment For Making 5 Gallons Of Homemade Beer (Kitchen)


  • Highest Rated Starter Kit! The Northern Brewer Brew. Share. Enjoy Homebrew Starter Kit is perfect for holiday gifts and beginners, complete with foolproof instructions.
  • This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to start brewing beer at home today including a Brew Kettle and our Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit.
  • Designed by our brewmasters to provide the best out of the box first-time homebrew experience on the market.
  • Block Party Amber: It’s deep garnet glow accommodates friendly flavors of toasty bread crust, caramel, and an inkling of floral and herbal hop character. Paired with affable neighborly company, Block Party Amber Ale is a true crowd pleaser.
  • Kit Includes: Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit, 6.5 gallon fermentor w/ spigot, lid & Bubbler airlock, Bottling Bucket w/Spigot assembly, bottle filler, 5 Gallon Stainless Brew Kettle, 21″ Stainless Spoon, 5 ft. Siphon Tubing, Cleaner/Sanitizer – Fermenter’s Favorites Oxygen Wash, Bottle Brush, Royal Crown Bottle Capper & Caps (60ct.) Yields 5 gallons of finished beer, filling 50 twelve ounce bottles.

List Price: $99.99 USD
New From: $99.99 USD In Stock
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The other kit is for someone who just wants to make their own beer, as simply as can be. Again, I have a full review available.

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Beer Making Kit (Misc.)


  • Experience the amazing taste and pride that only home brewed beer can offer. All BrewDemon kits feature the finest ingredients and the best equipment, period. Makes a great gift!
  • Brew like the pros with the world’s first 3-gallon conical fermenter.
  • Makes 2 gallons of great-tasting beer fast and easy.
  • This kit includes our most popular Craft Series recipe, plus all the equipment needed to brew your first batch of beer.
  • Kit made in USA.

List Price: 0
New From: $120.38 USD In Stock
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AHA (American Homebrewers Association) Membership

Join the American Homebrewers Association

An AHA membership is a great gift for any homebrewer

The gift of an AHA membership provides homebrewers with tons of benefits year-round.

Here are a few of the awesome benefits:

  • Member Deals
    • Exclusive discounts at homebrew shops and food and drink establishments across the country can easily offset the entire cost of membership
  • Trusted Recipes
    • Proven award winning recipes and clone recipes of some of the most famous beers in the world
  • Education
    • Online Seminars, Tutorials, and the AHA member forum help anyone become a better homebrewer.
  • Brew Guru Mobile App
    • Find member discounts near you!
  • Zymurgy Magazine
    • Available in Print and/or digital editions, this magazine is full of cool articles and interviews!

Plus, if you sign up through our website with code: WILDBREW and receive a free copy of Wild Brew by Jeff Sparrow!.

Note, this free book offer is good for new AHA registrations through November 2018

Customized Beer Stuff

Personalized gifts from Etsy

Personalized beer gifts from Etsy

Did you know you can get great pricing on customized beer stuff like glassware, shirts, taster flights, and other goodies? Yep.

Head over to Etsy and search for “Beer”. You’ll get all kinds of great ideas!

Homebrewing Equipment Upgrades

Every homebrewer enjoys upgrading to newer, better, bigger equipment. Here’s some great gift ideas for the homebrewer looking to step up their game.

Brew Kettles

Brewing kettles can range from small to very large. It’s important to pick the right kettle for the job, whether you are an indoor stove-top extract brewer, or an outdoor brewer doing full-volume 10 gallon batches, or somewhere in between.

For more information about how to choose the right brew kettle, check out this article.

Here’s 5 homebrewing kettles that run the gamut of brewing requirements.

Mash Tuns

If you (or your loved one) is moving into all-grain brewing, a mash tun is a must. I have an article about how to choose the best mash tun design for you.

Here’s a quick list of mash tuns of various sizes and designs.

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Learn To Brew Mash Tun Igloo Ton with Stainless Steel False Bottom & Valve, 10 gallon (Kitchen)

New: $166.45 USD
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GasOne BP-40 Brew Kettle, 40 QT/10 GALLON, Stainless Steel (Kitchen)

New: $159.99 USD
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Northern Brewer – Fermenter’s Favorites 10 Gallon Insulated Cooler Essential All Grain Beer Brewing Starter Mash Tun Kit With Titan Stainless Steel 11.5″ False Bottom

Check Amazon for Pricing
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Chapman 15 Gallon ThermoBarrel Stainless Steel Mash Tun (Kitchen)

New: $329.00 USD
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When it comes to fermenters, stainless steel is top notch. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make great beer with plastic fermenters as well!

Check out these great fermenters, there’s one here for homebrewers of every skill level!

Wort Chillers

Chilling your wort rapidly is an important step in the process of making great beer!

Here are a number of high quality options to choose from.

Moving To All Grain

If moving to all grain is on the agenda, why not start off with a top of the line (or entry level) all-grain brewing kit with everything you need to take the plunge?

Entry Level

This system is basic, but it’s sure to provide years of quality service for a new all-grain brewer!

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See larger image

Northern Brewer – Fermenter’s Favorites 10 Gallon Insulated Cooler Essential All Grain Beer Brewing Equipment Starter Kit With Hot Liquor Tank & Mash Tun


  • 10 Gallon Fermenter’s Favorites Cooler Hot Liquor Tank
  • 10 Gallon Fermenter’s Favorites Cooler Mash/Lauter Tun
  • Titan Stainless Steel False Bottom with tubing clamps and required hardware
  • Siphon Sprayer and tubing
  • Perfect for all 5 gallon batches; even high-gravity brews. Complete Instructions

List Price:
New From: 0 Out of Stock
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Made of top-flight materials, this all-grain equipment kit will provide a lifetime of use!

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MegaPot 1.2 All Grain Beer Brewing Equipment System – 10 Gallon Kit


  • The ultimate all-grain system for the aspiring pro brewer
  • Commercial-quality components
  • Modeled from pilot batch systems used in some of our favorite homegrown craft breweries
  • Designed for best-of-the-best expert homebrewers
  • Built for perfecting the most challenging aspects of brewing, from decoction mashing to flow rates, efficiency, extraction and beer recipe experimentation

List Price: $551.99 USD
New From: $551.99 USD In Stock
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Homebrew Kegging Systems

Aside from switching to all-grain brewing, there’s been no bigger upgrade to my overall homebrewing satisfaction than when I switched to kegging.

There’s just something about having your own beer on tap at home that just makes you smile. And the more pints you drink from that tap, the more you smile!

Kegerator Conversion Kit

A conversion kit will let you turn just about any refrigerator or freezer into a fully functional kegerator.

This kit provides everything you need for a two-tap kegerator (minus the kegs).

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Kegco KC UCK2-PLCP-NT Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator 2 Keg Tap Conversion Kit Pin Lock No Tank, Chrome (Kitchen)


  • DUAL GAUGE REGULATOR: Durably constructed to deliver a consistent flow pour after pour, this Kegco 762-2 Commercial Grade Dual Gauge Regulator features a T-style adjustment valve that makes it easy to adjust the pressure inside of the keg. The gauge on top of the regulator indicates CO2 pressure in the keg, while the gauge on the side indicates the remaining volume of CO2 gas. Includes a y splitter and two independent shut-off valves for dispensing up to two kegs at the same keg pressure.
  • PIN LOCK KEG COUPLERS: These pin lock keg couplers are used to tap Coke kegs, and include both gas in and beer out couplers for easy tapping of home brew kegs. The gas in comes with a 1/4″ nut and 5/16″ hose barb already attached, allowing you to quickly connect it to the same size air line that standard draft beer regulators use. The beer out connector has a 3/16″ hose barb that connects to standard 3/16″ beer line.
  • TWO CHROME BEER FAUCETS WITH BRASS LEVERS: Featuring a forged brass body and highly polished chrome finish, these NSF-approved beer faucets put a stylish finishing touch on your kegerator at a price you’ll love. The brass shaft assembly and lever include a non-stick ball washer for smooth operation, and the lever has standard threading that is compatible with most branded tap handles.
  • DOOR MOUNT STAINLESS STEEL DRIP TRAY: Our popular 10″ wide door mounted drip tray’s clean design and reliable stainless steel construction make it easy to enjoy delicious draft beer every day – mess-free! Installation is simple, thanks to the two conveniently placed screw holes on the backsplash. When it’s time to clean, the top vent can be removed for easy access. Because this drip tray does not have a drain, you will need to empty it manually.
  • DRAFT SYSTEM CLEANING KIT: This kit includes a 32 oz. bottle of beer line cleaner, a 16 oz. bottle of Star San sanitizer, and a faucet brush to keep your system squeaky clean. Simply mix some of the beer line cleaner and water in your keg and run it through your lines like you’re pouring a beer to remove protein and mineral deposits from the tubing. Sanitize your kegs with Star San, the most popular keg sanitizer on the market. It is non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless

List Price: $212.99 USD
New From: $212.99 USD In Stock
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Can’t keg homebrew without kegs!

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See larger image

Beverage Factory Reconditioned 5 gal Pin Lock Kegs (Pack of 2) (Misc.)


  • This set of two 5 gallon pin lock soda kegs is perfect for dispensing your own home brewed beer, soda, or cider
  • Originally manufactured by Cornelius, Firestone, or Spartanburg
  • These kegs have been cleaned and pressure tested to hold pressure and include a new set of O-rings
  • Lids include Hansen pressure release valves, which do not allow for manual pressure release
  • Each measures 22″ tall and 9″ in diameter (Note: add an inch to the height when ball lock is attached)

List Price: 0
New From: $127.25 USD In Stock
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Used Kegs

You might also want to check out one of my preferred online homebrew shops for good deals on used kegs. I’ve bought all my used kegs from them and never had any problems!

That said, it’s always a good idea to have some extra O-ring kits to keep gas and liquid leaks at bay!

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See larger image

(5 sets) Captain O-Ring COLOR CODED Gasket Set for Cornelius Home Brew Keg [w/o-ring pick]


  • This complete color coded o-ring set replaces all the gaskets you will need to fully refurbish 5 (five) used home brew kegs
  • O-Ring Set Includes: (5) Lid Closure O-Rings, (10) Pin Lock Post O-Rings, (10) Ball Lock Post O-Rings, (10) Dip Tube O-Rings. All conveniently color coded to make the job easier than ever.
  • Food safe o-ring material – Refurbish your keg(s) with this new O-ring Set
  • Includes plastic o-ring pick to easily remove o-rings without scratching valve tops
  • Manufactured and warrantied by Captain O-Ring LLC

List Price: $11.29 USD
New From: $11.29 USD In Stock
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Extra CO2 tank

I keep two CO2 tanks on hand. That way I always have one filled and ready to go when a tank runs empty. It’s no fun running out of CO2 in the middle of a session!

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See larger image

10lb co2 Tank New Aluminum Cylinder with CGA320 Valve (Kitchen)


  • 1800 psi service pressure
  • Includes new CGA320 valve
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Ships empty

List Price: $75.96 USD
New From: $75.96 USD In Stock
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Cool Draft Handles

I have a bigger list of 35 unique draft handles here, but I also picked out a couple new ones for this list. After all, customized draft handles make the homebrewing experience that much more fun!

Draft Faucet Upgrade

A good quality draft faucet can make all the difference in the world when it comes to pouring a smooth pint of homebrew. Check out the full review of the best draft faucet in the world. It may also be one the best gifts in the world for a homebrewer!

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See larger image

Perlick Faucet – Flow Control – Model 650SS (Misc.)


  • All stainless construction with a forward sealing design and flow control
  • Stainless steel resists rusting or pitting and can be used for beer, wine, cider, kombucha, or whatever else you might want to serve
  • Lever thread is 3/8″ – 16 unc, body thread is 1 1/8″ – 18 thread (north American beer industry standard)

New From: $61.39 USD In Stock
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Homebrew Bottling Tools & Accessories

Granted, moving from bottling to kegging was a big upgrade for me. Bottling homebrew beer can be messy and time consuming. But there are a number of handy items that can make cleaning, sanitizing, and caping your homebrew a lot less painful.

Bottle Capper

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See larger image

Professional Bench Beer Bottle Capper – Magnetic bell, Spring loaded


  • CAP YOUR BOTTLES QUICKLY & ACCURATELY: When your fresh beer or wine needs a cap and you need a bottle capper for home brewing, look no further than the G Francis bottle capper for homebrew; This homebrew capper brewer bottle capper is spring-loaded for easy operation while the lever-action mechanism allows for quick and accurate capping
  • MAGNETICALLY HOLD YOUR CAPS: Bottle capping kit beer bottle capping machine removes any need to hold the cap in place as the magnetic bell on the brewing bottle capper securely holds your cap in place; To use the beer bottle capper, simply pop the cap in place, put your bottle under it, and pull the lever
  • NO MORE SLIPPAGE: Sturdy stability is provided for your glass bottle with this beer bottle capping tool; No longer will you need to worry about your bottle slipping when you use this bottle capper as a bench bottle capper thanks to the textured, non-slip base to securely hold your bottle in place while using the bottling capper
  • CAP ANY BEVERAGE: Use this bottle capping tool not just as a beer bottle capper; Adjustable height on this bottle cap capper allows for various bottle tops sizes; Whether you need bottle cappers as a beer capper or wine bottle capper, this glass bottle capper fits all standard sizes; Bottles and caps not included
  • BOTTLING CAPPER WITH BUILT-IN STABILITY: A hand capper brewing bottle capper is only as good as its base, and our bottle capping tool is sturdy; The bottler capper includes built-in holes to bolt it down for added stability; Simply align the beer bottles capper in desired flat-surface place, bolt down (screws not included), and start capping your beer bottle; Bolting down this hand bottle capper is optional, not required

List Price: $40.24 USD
New From: $34.99 USD In Stock
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Bottle Washers

Bottle Racks

Bottles,  Bombers, and Swing Tops

Homebrewing Outside

Sooner or later, many homebrewers make the move from the stovetop to some kind of outdoor brewing. The most typical outdoor rig consists of a propane burner and a boil kettle.

If you are also sourcing your water outside, it’s a good idea to be using a carbon filter and food-safe hoses, to eliminate ‘garden hose’ rubber odors in your brewing water.

Propane Burner

I happen to have another personal recommendation as to the best propane burner for homebrewing. Here’s a quick look.

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GasOne 200, 000 BTU Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker with Adjustable 0-20Psi Regulator & Steel Braided Hose Perfect for Home Brewing, Turkey Fry, Maple Syrup Prep (Lawn & Patio)


  • Portability – portable cast iron one burner camp stove, sturdy and durable design, made of cast iron long lasting and good for projects
  • High heat output- 200, 000 BTU; fully adjustable heat-control regulator knob (paint chipping after use is perfectly normal, there is no paint that will withstand 200, 000BTU at the moment), power with control
  • Heavy-duty- perfect for brewing, camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, emergency preparedness, etc., strong and long lasting
  • Safety- heat adjustable regulator included for use with propane tank, hose included for attaching to propane tank, o-ring installed on regulator to ensure that there is no gas leakage (it is possible to tighten by hand, but is advisable to use tools in order to tighten)
  • Steel Braided hose – 0-20 psi adjustable regulator with Steel braided hose included to use with propane tank

List Price: $99.99 USD
New From: $87.06 USD In Stock
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Food-Safe Drinking Water Hose

These hoses are designed for potable water use, such as with RV hookups. They won’t pass along that garden-hose smell…

Carbon Filter

An in-line carbon filter is a great idea if you are sourcing your brewing water from an outdoor spigot. This will help to remove chlorine and other nasty odors and flavors from the water.

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See larger image

Camco 40043 TastePURE RV/Marine Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector | Protects Against Bacteria | Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine and Sediment in Drinking Water (Automotive)


  • Safe Water Matters: GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filtration greatly reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine, and sediment
  • Large Capacity Filtration: Large capacity in line water filter lasts an average of 3 months
  • Multiple Uses: Can be attached to any standard gardening or water hose to provide healthier drinking water and cleaner water overall. Great for RVs, boats, campers, pets, gardening, and much more
  • 20 Micron Sediment Filter: Removes particles greater than 20 microns
  • Protects Against Bacteria: Premium KDF provides protection against bacteria growth while filter is stored or not in use
  • Includes: Flexible hose protector to reduce strain on connections while minimizing kinking
  • Low Lead Certified: Compliant with all federal and state level low lead laws. CSA low lead content certified to NSF/ANSI 362
  • Made in the USA: Product is made in the USA

List Price: $17.96 USD
New From: $17.96 USD In Stock
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Homebrew Accessories

In addition to all of the main equipment a homebrewer needs, there are TONS of great accessories we can use to improve our homebrew, or just make life easier.

Yeast Starters & Equipment

Did you know yeast is expensive? Well it is, at least as a percentage of the total cost of a batch of beer.

Did you know that you can harvest yeast that you have already brewed with? Yep.

And whether or not you are using harvested yeast or a brand new packet, building up a yeast starter is a great insurance policy. It helps activate the yeast, builds up the cell count, and basically makes sure your yeast is ready to rock as soon as you pitch it into the wort.

Yeast starter and harvesting gear is a great gift idea, and an investment that will pay for itself.


A good size flask is needed to build up proper yeast starters, especially for large batch sizes. Here are a couple of flasks with great reviews on Amazon

Stir Plate

A stir plate is used in conjunction with a magnetic stir bar to keep the yeast starter swirling, introducing oxygen and ensuring rapid growth.

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See larger image

Northern Brewer – Maelstrom Stir Plate with Stir Bar for Yeast Propagation


  • The first industrial-grade programmable stir plate designed specifically for yeast starters
  • Five distinct speeds, from 480-1440 RPM, to accommodate yeast starters up to 5 gallons
  • Scheduling function for up to 48 hours
  • Powerful magnets will never throw a stir bar. Includes 50mm Stir Bar.
  • Large 8″ W x 8 ½” L stirring platform

List Price: $139.99 USD
New From: $139.99 USD In Stock
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Magnetic Stir Bars

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See larger image

Noorlee 10pcs PTFE Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bar Spinbar White Color (Misc.)


  • Used to stir a liquid or solution in biological, chemical, medical and research laboratory applications.
  • The stir bar is placed inside a container of liquid or solution that is seated on a magnetic stirrer, creating a rotating magnetic field using a rotating magnet or multiple stationary electromagnets.
  • Stir bars are coated with Teflon (PTFE) covering, which is chemically inert and can be used with corrosive chemicals, also helps reduce friction and wear while spinning.
  • Individual shapes create different vortexes for efficient and effective stirring.
  • Brand new, never used PTFE stirrer bars.

List Price: $9.99 USD
New From: $9.99 USD In Stock
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Mason Jars

Mason jars are pretty low tech, but I use them all the time to store my harvested yeast (or leftovers from overbuilt yeast starters). That way I can keep my favorite yeasts in the fridge for use time and again.

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See larger image

Ball Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Band, Regular Mouth, 12 Jars (Kitchen)

Features:  Jar with Lid and Band, Regular Mouth, 12 Jars

List Price: $15.20 USD
New From: $15.19 USD In Stock
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Homebrewing Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning and sanitation are keys to homebrew success! Give the gift of non-infected beer this year!


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See larger image

Five Star PBW Cleaner (Powdered Brewery Wash), 4-Pound Jar (Misc.)


  • Powdered Brewery Wash
  • 4 lb jar
  • Use 1 – 2 ounces per gallon for cleaning

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $32.47 USD In Stock
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See larger image

Five Star – Star San – 32 Ounce – High Foaming Sanitizer (Misc.)


  • STAR SAN is a high foaming, acid-based, no-rinse sanitizer that is effective and easy to use.
  • Self-foaming, which helps to penetrate cracks and crevices.
  • Odorless, flavorless, biodegradable,and environmentally friendly. Will not harm septic systems.
  • Reduces water spotting and can be used without rinsing when used at the recommended dilution.
  • Safe for use on most brewing equipment surfaces except aluminum.

New From: $22.54 USD In Stock
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Ingredient Storage

Keeping your ingredients fresh can make a big difference in the quality of your beer.

Vacuum Sealer

I recently bought this unit myself. With it I can vacuum seal unused hops, leftover grains, all kinds of stuff. Plus it comes in handy for regular, food-related storage…

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See larger image

Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef | Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System For Food Preservation w/ Starter Kit | Compact Design | Lab Tested | Dry & Moist Food Modes | Led Indicator Lights (Silver) (Kitchen)


  • THE IDEAL MONEY AND TIME SAVING SOLUTION: Cooking and meal preparation will become easier, less expensive and faster, as you will be able to equip and organize your freezer, with fresh food ready to be defrosted and served or fresh ingredients instead of freezer burned food filled with ice crystals which will probably end up in the trash can
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Fully automatic simple electric plug in design with the control center placed on the top panel and soft touch digital buttons along with led indicator lights A smart device at your family’s service
  • TWO SEALING MODES: Useful and practical, the NutriChef vacuum sealing system is cleverly designed owning two selectable modes to provide your food with the best possible preservation based on the type of food you want to seal You can choose the dry indication for solid food items and the moist indication for poached, simmered or steamed food
  • LAB TESTED QUALITY: Vacuum sealers preserve food up to 5 times longer than zipper baggies or containers, basically depending on the type of food The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer however, was subjected to specific laboratory testing to effectively increase food shelf life
  • A FULL STARTER KIT: Apart from the vacuum sealer and the air suction hose, the Nutri Chef vacuum sealer package also includes a wine stopper cork, 5 medium vacuum bags (78 x 118 inch ) and one extra long vacuum bag roll (78 x 790 inch ), both kinds being reusable and waterproof A complete bundle for your new cooking era

List Price: $59.99 USD
New From: $53.27 USD In Stock
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Grain Storage Bins

It’s great to keep a nice inventory of your most-used grains on hand, but they can be hard to store.

Plastic sacks of grain are pest magnets… trust me.

These heavy duty storage units are designed to store things like dog food, bird feed, but they are also a great way to store malts and grains.

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See larger image

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Stackable 40 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container (Misc.)


  • AIRTIGHT PET FOOD CONTAINER: This pest-proof pet food container for dry food keeps food fresh with an airtight seal that keeps food fresh for longer & locks moisture out. Design is stackable for space efficiency.
  • FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER: The pet food pail is made of heavy-duty BPA-free plastic that won’t shatter if dropped & can be kept in garages, barns & outdoors. Perfect for dry food, treats, bird seed & horse feed. Holds 40 lbs.
  • FOOD & WATER: Keep pets fed with fresh food & water with a variety of our products. Check out our airtight dry food storage containers, bowls for kennels, gravity water bowls, automated food bowls & travel accessories.
  • GAMMA2: Dog & cat dry food stays fresh & nutritious with our collection of airtight food containers. Features wall mounted containers, travel containers, pantry & kitchen containers & even larger containers for large dogs & horses.
  • JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens & other small furry friends! Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy & more!
  • perfect for homes with two animals
  • easy access
  • holds 40-pound of food
  • holds 40-pound of food
  • Airtight

List Price: $22.50 USD
New From: $22.50 USD In Stock
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Brewing Water Treatment

Water Quality Tester

This handy kit includes both a Ph meter and a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter. I use it myself.

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See larger image

Pancellent Water Quality Test Meter TDS PH 2 in 1 Set 0-9990 PPM Measurement Range 1 PPM Resolution 2% Readout Accuracy (Yellow) (Kitchen)


  • [ Convenience Use ] 5 Seconds know water quality, Accuracy, Faster. This set Combo of TDS PH. Also it have Best Price, Trustable Quality, all make it be your choose of water quality Test.
  • [ How Accuracy? ] PH resolution is 0.01pH,accuracy ±0.01pH.TDS:0~9990 ppm, Accuracy:±2%.This’s same as big brand resolution in Amazon, but Pancellent tester only need half price of them.
  • [ Lasted Model ] PH pen have AUTO CALIBRATION function, not need any kind of screwdrivers to calibrate the pH pen tester.TDS pen have Lock & auto shut off function.
  • [ Pocket Portable ] Small size but Suitable for testing pH balance of drinking water, pool, aquarium, RO system, Spa, or hydroponics.
  • [ Money Back Guarantee ] Pancellent (Plan of excellent) to provide 30 days Money Back Guarantee and 120 days Replacement Service.

List Price: $21.90 USD
New From: $21.90 USD In Stock
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Reverse Osmosis System

I gotta recommend my personal favorite here. I installed this at my own home, and wrote a full review of it. Can’t be beat!

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See larger image

iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener (Tools & Home Improvement)

List Price: $184.61 USD
New From: $184.61 USD In Stock
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Campden Tablets

Campden tablets can be used in a number of helpful ways.

  • Remove Chlorine and Chloramine from drinking water
  • Sanitize Equipment
  • Potentially stave off an infection

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See larger image

Campden Tablets (sodium metabisulfite) – 1 Pound Bulk (Misc.)


  • Campden tablets
  • Sodium metabisulfite (SMS) prevents Wild yeast, bacteria growth, and oxidation in your wine
  • Sodium metabisulfite also works well as a sanitizer for your wine making equipment

List Price: $30.12 USD
New From: $30.12 USD In Stock
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Brewing Salts

If you are building up a water profile for a specific style, here are some of the common brewing salts you may need.

Brewing Books

I recently made a collection of fantastic brewing books that I already own and have personally read. You might want to check those out.

In addition, here is some more recommended classic homebrew reading material:

How about a complete guide to brewing?

Here’s a great guide to brewing beer… easily!

Beer Brewing Made Easy

Looking for great deals?

Cool! I have a new homebrewing deals page with links to year round sales and deals from my favorite online retailers. Maybe you’ll find a great deal on something not on this list!


Well, That was a lot of gift ideas. I hope your friend, family, or whoever appreciates the time you spent researching a great homebrewing gift for them!

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