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Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine has been publishing stories on the industry for five years. As a subscriber, let me fill you in on all you need to know.

I believe it’s one of the simplest pleasures of life. You open your mailbox after a long day of work, and there it is: a crisp, new, glossy magazine ready for the reading. I’ve bought and subscribed to several beer magazines over the years, from Draft and Brew Your Own to All About Beer and Zymurgy. I’m a total beer nerd. I love reading about industry news, beer styles, and brewery reviews.

First, a bit of beer magazine history: All About Beer acquired Draft back in 2017. Unfortunately, All About Beer folded in the fall of 2018 after almost 40 years in publication. While certainly a hit to readers (it was my favorite periodical at the time), this made the beer magazine market a bit less competitive. These days, I’ve been staying up to date on all things brew related through my subscription to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, for which I’m an affiliate.

What is Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine?

Having gone through a few issues of Craft Beer & Brewing by now, I figured it was time to share all there is to know about this beer magazine. Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine debuted five years ago with an issue all about IPAs (the big style at the time, of course). Its inclusive tagline is “for those who make and drink great beer”. The magazine comes out six times a year for an annual price of $29.99, just about five bucks an issue.

What You’ll Find Inside

When it comes to great and useful content, Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine is as chock full as a barley wine. Inside each issue, you can expect to find things like:

  • Interviews with brewers
  • Tons of beer reviews and tasting notes
  • Practical brewing advice from top beer writers
  • Beer trends and industry news
  • Beer recipes for every level of brewer
  • Articles on beer styles and ingredients

What I Like about Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine

There’s genuinely a lot to like about this magazine. All of the great content alone makes me excited to crack open a cold issue every couple of months. Some of the features I especially appreciate are:

Mobile Access

Subscribers can read current issues on the website and mobile app. Even more exciting, they receive unlimited access to all previous issues as well. This is a seriously valuable benefit, and makes the investment well worth it!

Industry Experts

I fangirled a bit when Randy Mosher contributed to a recent issue. If you don’t know him, he’s the author of both Tasting Beer and Radical Brewing (among others), two of my most treasured beer books. Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine frequently consults big names in the industry for its articles, which lends it some great beer street cred.

Easy Recipes

As a homebrewer, I’m not looking for huge batch recipes or ones tailored to professionals. Craft Beer and Brewing includes recipes that are approachable for brewers of all levels. For example, their recent issue featured a Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale recipe that was brief and easy to understand. I actually plan on making it soon.

Beer Reviews

The amount of beer reviews that are included is a great reason to subscribe to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. A recent issue reviewed 99 hazy IPAs – yes, you read that right: 99. While not my favorite style, it makes me eager to see what they choose to review next!

Not Just for Brewers

Even if I weren’t a homebrewer, I would get a lot of enjoyment out of this magazine. The articles range in subject from breakout breweries to the history of certain beer styles. I find myself learning something new every time I read the newest issue, and not just about brewing.

Online Learning

Craft Beer & Brewing’s online learning courses are also an incredible benefit for those who purchase a monthly pass or choose an all-access subscription. With chances to find out about everything from brewing history to methods, there’s something for everyone to learn.

What I Dislike about Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

For complete transparency, I should discuss anything I dislike about Craft Beer & Brewing. Honestly, there’s only one thing about the magazine that I take issue with (pun intended). This is the lack of diverse perspectives among their contributors. In the past five issues, 90% of the 21 unique writers have been male. In fact, only 2 of the issues had a female writer at all. What’s more, from what I could tell, practically all of the contributors were white.

While this type of ratio is reflective of the beer world in general, diversity in craft beer is a hot button issue right now. In the future, I hope to see the magazine (which has written great articles on this very subject) practicing what they preach by seeking out more diverse perspectives from women and people of color.

Cause, you know, we like beer too.

Subscribe to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

In short, I’ve gotten a lot of value out of subscribing to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, and I bet you could too. To subscribe to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, you can use my unique affiliate link, or click the banner below.

Hoppy reading!